November 5, 2010

Random Friday

Aren't you loving all of my randomness this week?  Welcome to my life.


So, I am in charge of the primary program at our church.  The whole, entire thing.  Why is it that such a massive and intimidating responsibility be given to a single person is beyond me. Especially a person who knows next to nothing about the logistics of such.  It is slightly worrying.  And stressful.  And I'm the one who takes the blame if anything goes wrong--other than one of the children forgetting their lines, because let's face it, we all know that is the best part of any primary program.

I have one week left to pull it all together.  Let's all hope that I don't fall on my face in front of everyone's parents and grandparents. . . .


My 3 year old is the worst listener, stubbornest child that I have ever met. He does what he wants regardless of what anyone says. And it is driving me CRAZY!  I know. That stubbornness  can be for good, I know, in the right circumstances, but I'm afraid that stealing his brother's trains are not them.  And nothing works.  Not time outs, not lost privileges, not spankings even. He laughs in the face of a spanking.  

What do I do?


Gotta go. My daughter  is having a panic attack about being late to school, despite the fact that school doesn't start for 30 more minutes. Which I have told her now 27 times. You would think that would make it through her head.

Apparently not.



SpencernAmy said...

I totally agree on the primary program thing. Not fun but it will be great because this is the Lord's church. : )

Also, about the 3-yr-old, my #3 was frustrating that way, too. Nothing worked. I prayed a lot asking HOW to be a good parent to that child, kept a journal that I will need to burn someday (references to ". . . if any of my kids get kidnapped, let it be this one") and even had to get a blessing, to help me through her worst years. I've survived thus far but I will let you know if I decide to give up. Hang in there!

Barbaloot said...

Primary programs are always the best sacrament. No pressure:)

Liesl said...

You know, when I was working on something for church and tearing my hair out about it, my bishop gave some wise advice, "We're running a church here, not a business." Do what you can not what you think everyone else thinks you have to. I've been hyperventilating a lot less since then.

I'm sure that doesn't make you feel any better. Good luck!

No solution for the three-year-old. Love and endure to the end.

That Girl said...

1) I love random
2) Your calling is the calling I might say no to, should the bishop ever ask me. Just sayin'.
3) You wait for him to grow up

Wow, I'm just full of sunny optimism today, yes?!

Lourie said...

It will come together(the primary program) some how they always do.

I must have been channeling you today, because I did a 'random' post today too.

Wish I had the answer for the behavior stuff. I don't.

I know panic attacks. I have a super stress monkey myself.

Emmy said...

I am sure the program will be great,but yeah I wouldn't want to be in charge.

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

Yep, pretty sure that Kam is the most stubborn child I've ever met. She is such a handful!!! Ahem, anyway. Good luck to ya on the primary program :) I'm sure you'll do great!

Melissa Bastow said...

If you ever figure out what to do with your 3 year old, I have a 5 year old that needs the same treatment. When I spank him, he says, "THAT didn't hurt!!" Which really puts the whole "parents used to use belts on their kids' butts" into perspective. (Except, no, I've never used a belt. Yes, I've thought about it.)

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