December 24, 2010

In which a 7 year old talks sense into me

So, I try to be a good mom, right?  Yesterday was the first day of Christmas vacation for my girls and I thought I would make it a fun day.  How?  By making cookies!  That has always been a very popular activity in the past, so I thought, for sure, it would be a treat.  (Ignoring the fact that I had made a double batch of cookies the day before.)

So, we finished up lunch and in my cheerfulest Mommy voice I asked, "Who wants to make cookies?"  My seven year old daughter looked at me, cocked her little blond head and asked, "Why?"  I faltered.  She wasn't jumping at the chance to make cookies? Who cares why?  "Are we going to make them for someone?"  she asked.

"We can if you want to."

She eyed the gigantic bag of cookies sitting on the counter.  "We are just making them for us?"

"For fun!"  My optimism was fading fast.

"Um, I don't think we need any more cookies. Can we go play?"

"Um.  Well. Sure.  You really don't want to make cookies?"

"No, thanks."

This child apparently did not inherit her mother's sweet tooth.

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just call me jo said...

Sometimes the best laid plans...That sounds like our house years ago. Rachel would go hunting with her dad and leave me to do the cooking. Now she tells me I never taught her how to cook. Sigh! You win so few...Merry Christmas.

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