December 21, 2010

A Letter

Dear Dell Computers,

When my power cord stopped working and would no longer charge my laptop, I was frustrated. That little laptop has everything on it: my bookmarks, my recipes, my Christmas presents. I was really hoping for a quick resolution, particularly after a smooth phone call and a $50 price tag on the new cord. When you told me it would take a week to arrive, I was annoyed, but understanding. It is December, after all. 

I have to admit I wasn't quite so  understanding a few days later when I recieved an email saying that my order would be delayed, and instead of arriving on the 13th as promised would arrive on the 16th.  Let's just be honest here: I was angry. Christmas was fast approaching.  I had to redo a few of my projects on my dinosaur of a computer in hopes to catch up.  But, I shrugged it off, trying, ever so desperatly, to hang on to my Christmas spirit. 

Which is why, when I recived a phone call on the 15th, announcing that my order had been delayed AGAIN and would be cancelled if I did not contact them RIGHT NOW, I was LIVID.  Since the last thing I wanted was for my order to be cancelled, (refunded maybe, but never cancelled) I called. And you know what?  You know what your representative told me?  He told me that my cord would be shipped on the 16th and arrive on the 21st.

Well, guess what DELL?  IT'S NOT HERE YET. And guess what else?  I went and checked the tracking, and it's currently in OHIO, and will not arrive for 2 more days.  So, Dell.  You know what? I think you suck.  Yes, it's December. And yes. Everyone is shipping lots. But I have ordered 12 different things after ordering my replacement cord and ALL OF THEM ARE HERE.  So.  I don't really think you have any excuses for that.  Do you?  Didn't think so. 



Ginger said...

I hate Dell too. I hate them more and more all the time. I decided to boycott them after my 2nd lemon computer and horrendous customer service almost 3 years ago. I've NEVER gone back and won't. They've lost my business forever. I would be irked too if I was in your boat.
I think you have a great blog by the way. I've been following you for a few weeks now.
You can find me at my new blog at if you feel like seeing who I am.

P.S. I hope you get your cord. That really stinks.

Heidi said...

Ugh, how awful! I feel totally useless without my computer! I hope it gets here sooner than expected and that you have a merry Christmas anyway!

Lourie said...

How do they plan on canceling an order you already paid for?? Hope you get your cord soon.

just call me jo said...

If you used a major credit card and are not satisfied with the product(service) you can file a dispute claim (not sure exactly what they're called) and refuse the charges and product. We did that with a Dell computer too. (It was a serious piece of junk...)

Barbaloot said...

What a pain--I'm so sorry! I hope you get it before Christmas at least!!

Jenn Miyamoto said...

Wish I had a charger to send your way! Merry Christmas! Hope it gets there soon!

Rochelle Brunson said...

My husband used to work for Dell (long ago) doing tech support. I remember they screwed him on his 2 days before Christmas paycheck, that we were counting on for christmas presents. He didn't get paid until 2 days AFTER Christmas! They blamed it on the weather, but I think they are just a crappy company. He quit two weeks later.

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

Whew girl, you tell 'em! I hate hate hate poor customer service. Once of my biggest pet peeves. I hope you get the cord soon. I know, all to well, how frustrating that can be!

Merry Christmas, though :)

Liesl said...

There's a reason why Dell rhymes with Hell.

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