December 3, 2010

Random Friday

Does anyone else watch Psych?  I think it might be my new favorite show. I can't seem to get enough. It is so funny, in such a dumb, yet clever way.  There need to be so many more shows like it!

I am also slightly obsessed with Fringe. Anyone else?  Problem: It's on opposite the office.  And, at least for my husband, that is no competition for Dwight pouring coffee on himself with his feet.


For the last week my house has looked like my Christmas decorations threw up all over it. (It didn't help that there was actual throwing up going on.)  Today was the first day that I felt like there was a light at the end of the tunnel.  I am almost done.

This annoys me, because usually, I am so efficient with the decorations.  I can have them up and all the boxes and junk put away in a total of 2 days. Yeah. It's been a week.

(Sadly, this efficiency does not translate to other aspects of my housekeeping abilities.)


Speaking of decorations, I have a slight obsession with wreaths.  I love them.  Love them.  Sadly, my husband does not feel the same way and has a tendency to roll his eyes every time he sees me making a new one.

Is it so wrong? It's so much cheaper to make them than to buy them.  Back me up here.  Wreaths are cool, right? Right?


I have mixed feelings about my weekend. For one, I'm excited.  I was invited to a Build a Bear Workshop to benefit Toys for Tots. I'm taking my girls.  I think it will be a fun day out with them.

Then, tomorrow night, I will be busy with a Primary Party/Ward dinner, in which the Primary will be performing at the Dinner. That should be quite the experience.  Wish me luck. . .


just call me jo said...

I want pictures of the wreaths, etc. Come on--squeeze it in. You still have lots of time before Christmas. Relax for a minute.

Jo said...

I have the same problem with Thursday nights Mike likes bones and fringe and I like the office and 30 rock. Lately he has been winning out because I tend to go to bed around 8 these days!

Rachel Sue said...

Johanna- I never knew Mike had such good taste! :)

Jo- I'll try and take some pics. It's the getting them from the camera to the blog that is the problem!

Barbaloot said...

I love Psych!! Love love it. My cousin got me hooked last year. I may have re-watched half the first season in the last two days. Maybe.

The Damsel In Dis Dress said...

Psych! love it.

Mrs. Organic said...

So we've joined the 21st century and have DVR now, but I just need it to mind read and know what I want to watch. I never remember to set it until AFTER the show is over.

Mandy said...

hahaha AJ hates my wreathes too!!! I made a fresh cut bough one last year, but this one has tissue paper puffs and dollar store ornaments- time consuming but stylishly (and frugally) worth it. I'm sure whatever the primary does will be way cute- even if it doesn't turn out perfect(it's the bloopers that make it cute and memorable)

Annette Lyon said...

Psych is a family affair around here. LOVE it.

Lourie said...

Not done decorating. Two boxes still sit in my family room. And thank the Lord there has been NO vomiting here! Sorry you have been dealing with it. :(

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

I have a friend who constantly talks about that show. I just started Season 1 and have really been loving it!

Lara said...

I *just* started watching Season 1 of Psych. I like it. Although, I must say, I sometimes don't because I have issues with shows where people pretend to be something they aren't and get into all kinds of pickles because of it. But mostly, I like it.

And I also like wreaths. A lot!

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