January 6, 2011

A new attitude

I'm guessing that one of my resolutions is similar to pretty much every one else's. But the thing is, I don't want it to be. Lately,  I have had a really strong desire to change my attitude, and my perception.  If you read CJane, you probably read this post from Janna Dean. It is a great start to changing that battling attitude.

What about you? Help me out on this one. Do you know of some great and inspiring resources to changing your attitude about your body image?  Or any personal philosophies that you want to share?


Barbaloot said...

Annie, at Regarding Annie, has written some great posts on this. I think everyone struggles with it at some point.

If you find anything foolproof, please share:)

Liesl said...

This may sound trite coming from me, as I've never really had weight issues except after having babies. That said, being a former dancer, I have absolutely had times when I hated my body and struggled with wanting to do things I knew were wrong in order to change it.

So...my advice is that the image should not be the focus, but your lifestyle and the way you FEEL. Eat healthy and exercise, shower and put on some make-up and deodorant and then don't worry about. That's all I got.

Also, burn magazines and don't shop in malls.

Heidi said...

T.V., movies and magazines are to blame for our body issue problems (imho). Have you seen Oprah's latest magazine cover? Thin and gorgeous. Have you seen her on her show lately? Not thin. They manipulate the photos to make people look a way they don't really look. We can't live up to something that doesn't even exist. Still, knowing that, it is hard. I hate it when I am even a few pounds overweight (which I am most of the time these days--and more). I think loving ourselves for what really matters is the key--seeing ourselves the way the Savior sees us. Also, very hard.

Lourie said...

It's tough let me tell you. I have struggles with body image practically my whole life. Finding clothes that fit is a big help. And likewise, not too tight either. You can go to my virtual model mvm.com you create a model that looks like you based on your height, weight and body type. Then you can dress her and see what looks good. That's the logical side of it. The mental...well I am still working on it myself. Remember you are a daughter of God.

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