January 31, 2011

Perfectly Imperfect (not referring to the blog of the same name)

It is currently 10:18. I should really be heading to bed.  But I sit here and think.  About books and characters.  You know which ones I like the best? The unexpected ones.  You know how in action movies and some books, the girl, generally the one that the hero has a crush on, but not always, somehow gets dragged into the scene right before the climax?  And when the hero tries to protect her, she gets all brave and wants to go to battle with him?  Yes?

You always know that this is going to happen. It's just the formula.  Well, there is a line in one of the Percy Jackson books that I love. ( I won't tell you which one, or who says it for fear of ruining it for those who have never read it.) The girl shows up at an intense part, danger is imminent and she insists on staying to help. Until she sees the danger.  Then, "On second thought, maybe I'll wait inside." And it makes me like her (and the book) more.  Not because she is weak, but because she is real.

And that is what I like. Characters that are real.  The ones that might just wimp out at the last second because it really is scary (like me).  And characters that have flaws (like me).  And characters who make mistakes (like me).  And characters who are awkward in a crowd (like me).  And characters who really want to be better, but just aren't (like me).  And characters whose marriages aren't fairy tales (like me). And characters whose children poop their pants (like me).

Because really? It's no fun to read about someone who is already perfect.  It's the ride, people.


Barbaloot said...

Ooh-good point. That's one of the things that bugs me about Enchanted. This cartoon girl suddenly saves the guy at the end? Not cool.

Also, I LOVE the Percy Jackson books. Such a great series.

SpencernAmy said...

You are so right! I needed to hear this today . . . I've been feeling like a failure in so many ways. Thanks for the reminder that I'm real and not alone.

Rochelle Brunson said...

I couldn't agree more!

alison said...

i completely agree! because i know for SURE that my "real" self would be bolting at imminent danger. i'd like to think that i'd sacrifice myself for my kids and whatnot, but if they're tucked away safely at home and danger rears it's ugly head??? yeah, i'm going the other direction ;)

Emmy said...

Yes "real" would make or a great movie as it would be a total twist and surprise from what you usually see in movies.

Jo said...

Ha ha I stay up at night thinking about the hot dog stand I want to open some day. then I can't sleep because I want to open it right now!

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