February 15, 2011

The Information Asymmetry

So, I'm mad.  Furious, in fact. Want to hear my story?

Around Christmas, we got a "gift certificate" from Whipple Plumbing.  (You got that Google?  Whipple Plumbing .Cause they suck.) It was for $50.  We also have a drip in our upstairs bathroom sink.  It's not a bad one unless the two year old decides to leave the water on for 20 minutes.  Then it's a problem.

My thought?  Serendipity.  $50 to fix that little leak.

So, I call, I make an appt. I even mention the gift certificate on the phone and they tell me that it should cover the  $70.  Great.

First, they tell me that they will be here between 10-12.  They got here around 2:00.  One guy shows up, and I direct him up to the bathroom and two minutes later another one shows up.  A quality control supervisor, he tells me.

They are up in my bathroom, 5 minutes tops.  They come tell me that my sink is old and cheap and needs to be replaced.  Can't fix the leak without replacing the sink.

Right.  Whatever. Get out of my house.

Oh, no.  They have to do an inspection of the whole house, all the sinks and the water heater.  So, they do. And return to tell me that my water heater is past it's prime and the water softener (which hasn't worked in years) needs to be replaced. They then proceed to try and talk me into making payments to pay it all off.

Then, they refuse to accept my gift certificate. Because they didn't do one bit of work.  I still have a leak. And a gift certificate. And I'm $70 poorer.

Don't call Whipple.  Don't let them waste your time as well.


Rochelle Brunson said...

Why did you let them inspect the house? Just because they said they had to, doesn't mean anything. You should have kicked them out right then! They were totally just trying to screw you over.

Barbaloot said...

Yikes! I'm sorry. It's so hard when you have home issues and you don't know if you should trust the person that comes to repair things.

Mandy said...

yeah I'd give them a call- I have the main guy's number- leave him a message and they should reimburse you or at least take your gift certificate

Lara said...

I think some of these kinds of professions really screw you over. I had a toilet leak, and the guy took over an hour to fix it, claiming he was worried I would need a new toilet. So basically, he fixed it in five minutes and sat up there watching for it to leak again for 55 minutes. I got charged 120 dollars for that. And then, a year later I got a new toilet anyway, which cost about that. And my dad installed it for free. :)

Erin said...

And this, my friend, is what blogs are for. E-mail them a copy of this blog post, and see what happens.

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