February 4, 2011

Random Friday

I had one of those days this week.  I dropped everything.  Literally.  I spilled a can of paint. On the carpet.   I screwed up our brand new level.  I spilled soy milk all over the floor. A glass jar fell out of the freezer and shattered.  Do you ever have days like that?  Where EVERYTHING goes wrong?  I hate those days. It is all I can do to make it until bedtime. Just so you know, I did make it. Just barely.


Does anyone else love 30 Rock like I do?  Honestly, that show cracks me up like no other. And it's not the super obvious stuff either. It the stuff where Jack says "Crap" and Keeping up with the Kardashians turns on on the TV behind him. It's Tracy and Liz insulting each other to the tune of Uptown Girl.  I love it.


Are you so ready for spring yet?  I am. And we didn't even get hit by that freak snowstorm that dropped like two feet. I'm just tired of having to say no to my boys when they want to go outside and play.  Because then I have to go with them because they want to play in the front yard.  The way our house faces, the back yard is in the shade all winter long.  So, all the toys, the swing set, the bikes, useless in the winter, even on nice days.  So, yeah. I'm ready for a change.


The only good thing about weather like this is that it is perfect for hot chocolate and soup. Two of my very favorite things.  That is actually one thing that I miss in the summer.  I'm always so excited when fall hits because I can break out the hot chocolate and make soup with out any complaints. (Mostly from my husband. . . He doesn't feel the same way about soup as I do.)



Kristina P. said...

I am definitely ready for spring.

Barbaloot said...

Oh-paint on the carpet!? That's killing me. Please tell me it comes out.

just call me jo said...

I'm thinkin' just put some of the outside toys over the spilled paint and no one will ever know. Well, until that pesky spring thaw comes and you have to put the big toys outside again.

Liesl said...

I start dropping things when I'm sleep deprived.

Hot chocolate is my best friend in the winter. Two cups a day.

wendy said...

how in the heck did you clean up the paint off the carpet. I would have bawled.
I get the clumsey's like that too thought sometimes.

YES I am ready for spring. But in my neck of the woods, we still have a ways to go.......spring will come earlier to Utah then for me. (boohoo)

and YES, I am a lover of soups!!!!'as lond as it doesn't have elbow macaroni noodles in it. HATE those things.

alison said...

i had "that day" yesterday. yuck....just yuck.

and soup is a fave of mine too... my mom does a soup and sandwiches dinner on Christmas Day and it's my all time favorite meal of the year.

Erin said...

My husband and I love 30 Rock. It has been interesting to see how we used to laugh more with The Office than 30 Rock, but now it is the other way around, BY FAR. 30 Rock is hilarious. My husband and I giggled for hours afterward just saying the word "snart."

Debbie / Cranberry Fries said...

We've been watching all the old seasons of 30 Rock during the week to fill in the void of only getting to see it once a week for real. :) I LOVE that show!

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