February 11, 2011

Random Friday

This has been the winter from H-E-double hockey sticks.

Someone has been sick at my house,pretty much every day since Thanksgiving.  We have had 6 cases of the stomach flu, 9 colds, 1 fever, 1 toe infection (seriously.) and one child diagnosed with cyclic vomiting.  (That is just as awesome as it sounds.)

It really makes me want to move away from civilization so that we never come in contact with sick children EVER AGAIN.


Speaking of which, I have been exhausted for 3 days now.  It's getting ridiculous.  (And before anyone says it, NO, I am not pregnant.  I promise.)  I even went to bed early last night.  I am not a fan, by the way.


Also not a fan of having to RETRAIN my 3 year old to go potty. Because I'm failing at that, too.  I'm using a  trip to the zoo as an incentive, and the first day it worked like a charm.  But it's just not fast enough.  Because now, he just doesn't seem to care anymore.  Although, I think it does help that I make him clean up his own accidents. He doesn't love that.


Every year I make a fancy dinner for my kids for valentines day.  Fancy does not necessarily mean difficult. I make things that look fancy, but this year I can't quite come up with a main dish.  We will be having jello (in wine goblets), shirley temples,  muffins or rolls (haven't decided), maybe green beans and chocolate cookies.  But I can't come up with something to make that is easy but I can make look all fancy.  Any thoughts?



Barbaloot said...

Put candles on the table. That'll be fancy, right?

Wonder Woman said...

I've been "retraining" the Hulk for almost a year now. He'll be 5 in May. It's a bit ridiculous. I have to remind him of the incentives all the time. Makes me crazy.

I'm trying to think of fancy dinners.....I'm coming up with heart-shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's or Chicken Alfredo with Broccoli.

Mrs. Organic said...

Buy the Buttoni fresh Tortellini and boil it up, add your favorite pasta sauce, if you use red, you can arrange the pasta in a heart shape on their plates. Super easy.

I'm sorry about the cyclic vomiting dx, my son had that too. The good news is they can grow out of it. We also discovered that it was triggered by stress and certain food combinations.

I hope you're all feeling better soon.

Emmy said...

Oh I was totally going to say Tortellini too! My kids love it! We are going to do a fancy dinner this year and we are all going to dress up fancy-kind of like Fancy Nancy

Rochelle Brunson said...

That sounds fun to do a fancy Valentines Day. We never really celebrate it around here.

I'm sorry about all the sickness. If it makes you feel better, everyone in my family is always sick too, including me. Its like a constant stream of snotty noses and coughing until someone pukes. Delightful.

wendy said...

how fun to fix a "fancy" dinner for the family for valentines day.
maybe you could put some food coloring in the macaroni and cheese and make it PINK
um....OR NOT.

my kids have had sickness in their families too for weeks and weeks now it seems. WHAT is going on??

Erin said...

My kids woke up this morning with another cold. For the third time in three weeks.

And I know exhaustion too. Ugh.

Let's hope our weekends start to look up!

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