March 24, 2011

A Week in Letters: Day 3

Dear Karla,

I love you.  Love you. I'm fairly certain that you know this. But I just wanted to double check.

I could have not asked for a better friend, ally, sister-in-law.  There is no one else who could have gotten me through some of the crap of the last ten years.  No one.  You know this as well, but I needed to say it.  Thank you for that.

Thank you for listening to me, and thank you for being a good enough friend to tell me to shut up and listen to myself before I ruin every thing.  Thank you for helping me not take myself too seriously. Because I do that sometimes.   And I don't love it.

Thank you for giving me an escape when I really need one. And something to look forward to at the end of a horrendous week.  Thank you being the one I call when I need to whine a little.

I also need you to know: You've got me.


wendy said...

These are lovely little letters you are putting together.
Gratitude...when written down.....seems very meaningful I think.

Mom and Dad said...

Me too, Karla!

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