April 26, 2011

Book Review: Depth of Deceit

I am a sucker for a good mystery.  I really am.  To the point where I will continue reading a book that I hate just so I can see how it all fits together.  I can't stand loose ends.  Depth of Deceit,  by Betty Briggs is a good mystery.  Honestly, for the couple of days that I was reading it, it would bother me so much that I had to find a few minutes here and there to read some more, because I wanted to figure it out!

The story revolves around Stephanie, an up and coming lawyer.  Stephanie does her best to fit in in her new firm and makes time to ride her favorite horse as much as she can.  She has a supportive and handsome boyfriend, what more could she ask for?  So, when one of her pro bono clients has an effect on her, she, more than anyone is surprised.

And honestly,  I don't know how to give you much more plot summary without totally ruining the story for you!  Okay, let see.  I will tell you this:  Depth of Deceit holds surprises, unexpected bad guys and (I guess it would logically follow), unexpected good guys,  lots of horses, a kidnapping, a murder and a love story.

Depth of Deceit was also the 2010 Winner of the Silver Quill for second place in the Fiction category for the League of Utah Writers Publication Awards.



Barbaloot said...

I've been looking for a new book. I'll have to check this one out.

Emmy said...

Oh yeah! I am almost done with The Book Thief and then will need something else to read

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