April 7, 2011

Question for you: Can you tell what is on my mind lately?

How do you feel about home birth?

For? Against?

Pros?  Cons?

(I know some are passionate about this.  Just be nicely passionate please!)


heather said...

Are you sure you're not expecting? ;)

I'm not for nor against. I think it's totally up to the mom. and dad. I know of some pretty excellent mid-wives, and I've never heard of anyone who had a bad experience with it.

I had Will in the hospital completely naturally with a CNM. For as "natural" as I am, I liked the idea of being in the hospital for the just in case. Also, because we're military, it was the more affordable route. However, if a CNM wasn't available to me I probably would have found another route.

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

I'm not overly passionate either way. A home birth doesn't seem practical for us. We live 35 minutes from the absolute nearest hospital, and that makes me nervous enough to opt for a hospital birth. Especially because I've been known to have complications right after birth. However, I know of many who are passionate about having babies at home, and I think that's great if it works for them!

Um, are you sure there's no news to announce?? :)

Mallory said...

My first was an "all natural" hospital birth. My second a home birth. I LOOOOOVED the home birth a million times better! My insurance covered it, so I didn't pay a dime. I didn't have to stress about getting a sitter for the older one, or getting to the hospital on time. I didn't have any interventions. I didn't feel like I had to follow any hospital rules. I really think everything was better and I don't have any cons! Of course, if a woman isn't comfortable with the idea of a home birth, then she probably shouldn't try it. I'm one of the passionate ones...so I'll just leave my comment at this! :D

Momza said...

If the mother and baby's health allow for it, a homebirth is wonderful.
From my point of view (midwife/doula), the biggest difference between the two is TIME.
Hospitals like to get you in and get you out as soon as they physically can--money is a driving force there.
Homebirths of course are not like that at all. But I will say, homebirths go much faster than hospital births, hands down! I think it's because mom is more relaxed in her own home, surrounded by people she knows and loves.
To give you an idea, the longest homebirth I've attended was around 8 hours--first-time Mom. She did great, too.
Homebirths are very much mental too--it's as much mental as it is physical.
Having said all of that-- birth anywhere is a miracle. Hiring a doula to go with you to the hospital is invaluable!

Barbaloot said...

I'm definitely against. Then again, I'm the daughter of an OB/GYN. I've heard both sides, and there's not a chance in the world I would ever choose a home birth over being in a hospital with a medical professional.

Liesl said...

My step-sister does home births with a midwife and loves it. I am not totally against, to each their own, but it worries me a little. I would want to know what the midwife would do in any possible situation. The NICU teams at hospitals are incredibly skilled and fast. They save lives that would be lost in other situations. My son's chord was wrapped around his neck and the doctor handled it so well. I'm sure a midwife could do the same for that, but I wonder about more serious situations where specialists and more high-tech equipment are needed. Sometimes you know those situations in advance and sometimes you don't. I know home births can be really wonderful and emotional but for that 1% chance that something could go really wrong I feel better about being in a hospital.

Melinda said...

I think for me, after having four babies without any sort of complications, if I had another I would seriously consider having a home birth. I really don't enjoy the hospital experience, it doesn't seem to me that they care so much about working with you as they do about "doing their job", so you have to conform to what they want. I understand the points about if there's a problem what would you do? But I think its just something you would have to pray about then to get your answer! :)

MommyJ said...

I can't say I'm against it because I've had no experience with it. I think if you have experienced people on hand, and your pregnancy has been free of complications and there is no cause for extra concern, AND you live really, really close to a hospital... then... maybe? I don't know. I would need to know that a midwife would fly your butt to the hospital really, really fast if need be. But even then, I might be scared.

The only way I wouldn't be scared is if I knew Momza could be there. Cause she's all kind of awesome.

Rochelle Brunson said...

I like the idea of a home birth. I would have been all for it this pregnancy if I wasn't considered a high risk pregnancy because of Ivy's heart defect. I'm still going all natural in every other aspect, so it will still be good.

Tristi Pinkston said...

I had my first three at home with a wonderful midwife, no complications, peaceful and beautiful.

My fourth was breech, and my midwife immediately arranged for a transport to the hospital. There was no, "Let's try it anyway" - no ego involved at all. She did what was best for me and the baby, and we had a C-section at the hospital.

For me, home birth was a safe, beautiful experience, but it is a decision that you need to make with a lot of prayer and consideration. It's not the right choice for everyone, and you have to take it pregnancy by pregnancy.

Melanie Jacobson said...

I would never, ever do it in a million years, but my friend Angela had all four of her daughters at home and would never do it any other way. My main fear is something going wrong with the baby and not having the medical technology to deal with it. Beyond that, to each her own.

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