April 1, 2011

Random Friday

So, I have been deep cleaning for the past week or so. You know, baseboards, walls-- the stuff that you only ever clean when you move.  The only problem: there is a little phantom that follows me around with a marker drawing on every surface that I have just cleaned.

It is so good that I really love this little phantom.  Because there would be some serious consequences otherwise. . .


Have you ever noticed that when you do the deep cleaning, the regular stuff gets neglected?  And even though the baseboards are clean the floor is a disaster.  And there is actually no where to sit on the couch.  And there are 4 hampers full of laundry waiting to be folded and two waiting to be put away.  The sink is full and dinner is not made. But hey, you got the dried oat meal off the baseboard right?

So, is anyone else in love with spring? I spent 3 hours outside yesterday and had to take my jacket off.  It was so warm and wonderful.  My boys had a picnic.  It was the best.  Except for all of the weeds that I pulled.  And the gross leaves that I got rid of. Our backyard was gross.

I am really excited for conference this weekend.  It is always such a great, relaxing weekend and I come off of it on such a high, spiritually and physically.  And we eat a lot.  It is how I get my kids to want to sit in the living room for such long periods of time.  Here's to eating lots of good stuff and listening to lots of good stuff!



just call me jo said...

You and my daughter (oh, and a million other people) love Conference Weekend. Somehow, I just go to sleep when I hear those voices. I know. I'm so going to hell. Glad you are ready--the end of the world is May 21st so at least you have those conference talks to help you endure to the end. (You know I'm just kidding, right? A little Mormon "humor.") The word verification was "evernl." Get it? Like "eternal" but "ever...nl" It's a sign. Get it?? Never mind. I've had too much Diet Coke this morning.

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

I know ALL about the deep cleaning. It feels like we've been doing it for weeks what with moving from the old house and into the new one. And now I try to deep clean this new one each week, and WHEW, it is a JOB!

I think I would love Spring more if it didn't consist of constant rain here in the Pacific Northwest :(

Hope you get to take a break from all the cleaning soon!! {And sorry about the over-use of exclamation points}.

Barbaloot said...

Don't tell...but I've never spring cleaned. I'm not planning on moving anytime soon so hopefully it's okay:)

I'm planning on eating lots of yummy conference food this weekend!

wendy said...

It always feels good to get some deep cleaning done. You'll catch back up on the other stuff.
Glad you got outside to enjoy some warm weather....yards are always kinda nasty after a long winter.
Can you believe IT....we have a forecast for 6 inches of more wet snow this weekend. Ohhhhhhhhh, agony.
and now that I have moved up here, I don't get to watch conference on tv like I did before. THAT is a great loss.

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