April 15, 2011

Random Friday

My son does not realize that birthdays last for about a day. This morning he announced that he was ready for more presents.  This conversation followed.
Me: "Honey, you're birthday is all done. It is over now."
Him: "No, I'm still four!"
Me: "Yes, you are still four, but your birthday DAY is all done."
Him: "No!  I need more presents!"

And Christmas is so very far away. It is going to be a difficult few months. .  .


My little sister is moving to Ohio. {sob}  Before she goes I want to get family pictures done. So, I get online last night looking for a photographer and it is impossible to find one that costs less than an arm and a leg. Why is that?  It's kind of annoying.

So, my plan is this.  I have a nice camera. Anyone want to volunteer to take some pictures with my camera?  I'll buy you dinner!


I have decided that it is really fun to read young adult books.  They go so fast, even if I only get to read them at random moments.  It's great. I'm in the middle of the Artemis Fowl series (which is clever) and the Princess Diaries series (which is kind of cute).  Any suggestions for me?

Speaking of books, have you ever read the children's book, Big Plans?   I think the author is Bob Shea. Anyway, I had never read it before, and I was reading it to my kids the other day and I one point I actually had to stop reading I was laughing so hard.  (It had been a really long day, and I was tired,  but still.)  It was really funny.  The kids didn't love it as much as I did, in fact, they may have thought I was a bit of a lunatic.  SO funny.  "Mill about, Mill about, I say!"  Oh, my goodness. Find it. Read it.  You're welcome.


heather said...

i love young adult books, and i have lots of recommendations! are we friends on goodreads?

Rochelle Brunson said...

I practically had that EXACT same conversation with my son last month when he turned 4. Occasionally he still makes me sing the birthday song to him!

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

Birthday lessons are so hard to learn :( Kam's birthday is a few short weeks after Christmas, and shortly after her birthday is Makenna's. Poor Kam, we were partying like crazy for a couple of months, and then all of a sudden the celebrations stopped. I don't think she understood.

I'm sorry you can't find a photographer. If we weren't so far away, I would definitely volunteer. I would love to start a photography business {but things are a liiiitle chaotic around here right now}. And that is one of my concerns. Photography is expensive, and I know a lot of photographers that are charging hundreds of dollars just for the sitting fee. I don't know anyone who can afford it right now :(

alison said...

the photographer fees are downright cah-razy right now. it was cheaper for me to spend the money on a nice camera and start doing them myself. i recently discovered the timer on my camera so maybe one day soon i'll actually BE in some of the pics ;) i lucked out and got in with a new photographer friend when she first started her business and she never raised her fees on me. i SURE couldn't afford her now if i had to pay what her other clients pay!

Liesl said...

LOVE young adult books. If only I didn't delete my goodreads account I'd just send you there, but anything by Sharon Creech, Katherine Paterson, MATCHED by Allie Condie, THE ADORATION OF JENNA FOX and THE MILES BETWEEN by Mary E. Pearson. PARANORMALCY by Kiersten White, a really refreshing and fun paranormal read. I'm sick of all the Twilight knock-offs. Shall I go on?

Jo said...

I find her, http://lareephotography.blogspot.com/
one of the more inexpensive ones out there. Not so good at taking the pictures myself!

wendy said...

OK Rachel....go to my sidebar , almost to the end....where I list my son and DIL's blog
called Trent & Becky
she does GREAT photography and for very reasonable. Serioulsy!!!

and I think all of us should enjoy a birthday for MORE then one day, cause we all like cake and presents.

Lourie said...

Photography is very expensive. A semi decent professionals camera would run at least a grand. It's sick. And printers charge up the butt too. So it's better to do it yourself. I would happily do it for dinner...if I lived close. ;)

Barbaloot said...

I love young adult books. I am crazy about the Percy Jackson and The Olympians series. You should check them out.

Also, Shannon Hale is a great author---young adult. Her one "regular" adult book that I read wasn't that great in my opinion.

Motherboard said...

I ADORE YA books, too. I also LOVE Children's book. My favorites are feliciana meets d'loup garou and The Frog Prince Continued. You MUST read the first book with the Cajun accent (there's a guide in the book!) that makes it all the more delightful!

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