April 29, 2011

Random Friday

I have discovered some things that I love:
1. Amazon Mom.  Sign up.  If your kid wears diapers, you need this. Trust me.
2. Groupon.  3 oil changes for $30?  Yes, please.
3. Mint.com.  If you suck at budgeting (like I do) this is the perfect solution. It does all the work for you.


That was all me, by the way. No one paid me to say any of that.  Just FYI.


We may be looking for some changes.  (As in, I'm trying to subtly  say that someone in this household may be looking for new job.)  Not necessarily out of necessity.  But if you know of any opportunities floating around out there, I wouldn't be sad if you emailed me. Thanks guys. You're the best.


It's snowing again.  Yep.  Tomorrow IS the last day of April.  And the lawn needs to be mowed.  But not in the snow. I'm sorry. I have my limits.


So, we've been watching the first season of The Middle.  Oh, my. That show cracks me up.  Sincerely.  I can't help myself.  It is so funny.  My sister has been talking about it forever, and it took me a while to catch on.  It is awesome.


I did not wake up at 4 this morning to watch the wedding. But I kind of wanted to.  I turned it on at 9 hoping to get a couple of replays and a shot at the dress. So far, I have only seen the top of it.  Apparently, I'm going to have to go looking.


So, I have this weird thing where if I hate something/someone (public figures) I refuse to google them. And no amount of curiosity can change that.  You might remember a year ago or so when a certain couple with a large number of children got divorced.  I was so annoyed that I haven't clicked on anything with their name on it since. Despite the fact that I really want to know what happened to the kids.  But I just can't do it.  I am so silly like that sometimes.


Anybody else going to be at the Hot Spots event  at the Riverwoods tomorrow? If so, let me know!  We can hang out together!

Have a great weekend!


Barbaloot said...

What couple with lots of kids? Seriously...totally don't know. But if you don't want to say their names, I get it.

What's going on at the Riverwoods tomorrow? I haven't heard anything.

And what Royal Wedding? Why don't I know anything that's going on?!

Okay-JK on the last one.

Sara said...

I just started using mint.com, and I totally love it too! I will keep my ears open for jobs. How awesome would it be if you moved to St George?! Oh yeah you guys don't really like it. I bet you could learn to like it. It Rocks!!

Wonder Woman said...

The wedding: didn't watch it, kind of wish I had. But no DVR. I'm going to go looking for the dress.

And that one couple with the kids? The dad tried to say that the kids were "working" too many hours, but it didn't fly. I honestly haven't really watched it in over a year, so I don't know.

But I totally get abstaining. I refused to watch anything about Charlie Sheen. I know, I know from "The Soup."

Wonder Woman said...

So when is the thing today? Is there still a spot?

wendy said...

YES I WATCHED the Royal Wedding. I kinda love all that royalty stuff pom and ceremony and yada yada.
I try not to worry about or CARE about what all the "celebs" are doing. Too much drama. Me, and My life is about all I can handle right now.
We still have nasty weather here too...had more snow (although it didn't stick around long) and LOTS of wind.

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