May 3, 2011

And on a more serious note,

I saw a commercial tonight that made me cry.  For

So, I have my own beliefs. My own values. And they don't always coincide with certain peoples.  Everyone has different beliefs and different values.  But who am I to condemn them?  What right do I have -- what right does anyone have to make them feel like they are less than nothing?

It makes me sick that a this kind of an organization has to exist. Not that it does exist. But that there is a need for it.  I cried at the thought that anyone would be made to feel so awful about themselves that it would result in their feeling like their only choice left was to give up on life.

The God I know, the God I love, does not want any of His children to give up on life. He gives hope and second chances.  And  He expects us, ALL OF US, to treat each other with love and at the very least, with respect.

I hope it gets better. I hope that we can make it better.



Erin said...

I think you and I have a lot of values in common.

Thanks to TiVo, my husband and I basically never watch commercials. But when I saw this one out of the corner of my eye while fast forwarding last night, I rewound it and we watched it together. And we both had tears in our eyes by the end. My husband even said he is going to use it in one of his trainings at work next week (he is a psychologist).

Thanks for sharing this on your blog. I aspire to be more open on my own blog like you are.

Wonder Woman said...

This commercial brought tears to my eyes, too. I feel much like you -- I absolutely hate that an organization like this needs to exist. I'm glad it does, for those who struggle, but that there is such a need for it is heartbreaking.

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