May 4, 2011

Giveaway: The Shops at Riverwoods

Did you know that it is possible to go surfing in January?

In Provo?

Did you know that it is possible to get a vintage Star Wars metal lunch box somewhere other than Ebay?

For a steal?

Did you know it is possible to donate a meal to a feed children in Africa?

By eating a delicious pizza?


Then you, my friend have never been to The Shops at Riverwoods.

I had the chance to discover all of these things for myself this past weekend, and I had blast doing it!

First Stop: Blickenstaff's
Or as I like to call it: A Childhood Dreamland.

Have you ever wanted that one kind of candy that they used to make when you were a kid, but you can never find it now?  Chances are Blickenstaff's carries it.  Blickenstaff's specializes in vintage candy and toys that can't be found just anywhere you look.  Walking into Blickenstaff's reminds me of what Santa's workshop probably looks like.  It is warm and cozy and chock full of good memories.
candy decade blickenstaffs candy toy store

From Blickenstaff's we headed over to Called to Surf.  (Get it?  Called to Surf?  I love it!)  Called to Surf is a one of a kind swim shop specializing in -- wait for it -- MODEST bathing suits!  It gets even better: CUTE modest swim wear.  I had to talk myself out of quite a few items to avoid destroying my so carefully crafted budget.  Plus, they carry their swim wear year round, so next time you are lucky enough to take a winter trip somewhere warm, you know where to go to stock up.  And they have surfboards.  Just in case. . .

From Called to Surf you can walk right into the biggest resort of it's kind in the country!  Provo Beach Resort was beyond amazing. The biggest feature is their flow rider - or surf simulator.  We did not try it out.  But I was not disappointed. Because there is BIG window to watch everyone who DID try it out, wipe out. I was amazed by the variety of activities available at Provo Beach Resort: a ropes course, mini croquet, a golf simulator, a toddler playground AND a huge big kid one, a pinewood derby track, a carousel, and (my personal favorite) a spa. So my dream day?  Take the kids, let them loose with the husband and stop by the spa for a pedicure.  Yes, please!

Finally, we ended the day with some mind blowing gourmet pizza at Malawi's Pizza.  I have to tell you a little bit about this place. I was immediately impressed, because as I was walking to my seat, I saw this: 
Yep.  Every meal sold equals on for a hungry child in Africa.  The owner was proud to inform us that since Malawi's has opened, they have donated over 70,000 meals to feed the children in Africa.  Impressed is the least of it.  

And then the food was served.   And I pretty much forgot everything else. Including taking pictures.  Sorry.  But I tried Malawi Capri Pizza, Safari Pizza, Hawaiian, Spinach Artichoke, and my absolute, 100% favorite: Pesto Roasted Chicken. There was not a single one I did not like.  And then, when I that I couldn't possibly eat one more bite, out came the dessert pizza. 

Oh. My. Word.

That is a picture of the Peanut Butter Cup S'mores Pizza.  HEAVEN.  And it was followed by a Berries and  Cream Pizza that was almost as good. But let's be honest here: there is little in life better than peanut butter, chocolate and marshmallows.  

Would I recommend you try it?  Did you read the review?  YES!

Even better, if you have made it to the end of the post you can enter to win a $20 gift card to Provo Beach Resort.  That is enough for
*One person to try the flow rider
*Two people to try the ropes course
*Five people to play in the monster playground
*Twenty People to ride the carousel

So, leave me a comment and tell me which one you would pick!  
Extra entries: 
*Like Provo Beach Resort on Facebook
*Follow Provo Beach Resort on Twitter
*Like Malawi's on Facebook
*Follow Called to Surf on Twitter. 

Winners will be chosen in one week.  Good Luck!  



Barbaloot said...

I would LOVE to try the surf one, but I think I'd be too self-conscious and so maybe I'd go with the ropes course. Either way, I'm heading down there to check out the cute swimsuits!!

Mandy said...

wow that's sounds like an awesome place! I'll have to hit that place up!

Liesl said...

Oh my goodness, my 4-year-old son is OBSESSED with Star Wars. Must get that lunch box. Thanks!

Wonder Woman said...

Like Liesl, I have a four year old boy obsessed with star wars. And he has a birthday coming up. I think I know what he'll be getting!

And I would love to try the flowrider! Could the gift cert be used toward a bathing suit? Those suits were adorable! Plus they look like the are actually modest. (So many "modest" ones let 'the girls' hang out and are two pieces so that more stuff hangs out.) Also love that they are one pieces and probably have support to keep everything where it's supposed to be.

I'm seriously thinking of heading over there now. Sorry I missed it!

Diamond in the Rough said...

I think I would have to go with the rope course because I'm chicken, my hubby would do the flowrider for sure and I could take cool pictures while he wipes out (if he wipes out?? he'll wipe out!!) We are going to have to go check out this place. Thanks for the swimsuit tip too!

SpencernAmy said...

Wow! This just made it onto my list of MUSTS for July. Thanks for the recommendations. I'm just bummed I didn't see it earlier so I could enter your giveaway. : (

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