May 2, 2011

Monday Review: CSN Stores

A while back I had a chance from CSN Stores to take advantage of some of their amazing merchandise. It has taken me a while to get a review up because a couple of those items were birthday presents, and I therefore had to wait for birthdays to pull them out!  Such as this on:
Yes.  My four year old got an AWESOME bike for his birthday. He was so excited.  It was snowing on his birthday. (No, it's in April.  And yes. Snowing.)  And we had to go outside, in the snow to ride it. He was beyond thrilled.  And as soon as he gets used to the fact that you can only push the pedals FORWARD life will be perfect.

And my husband desperately needed a new wallet.  The three dollar one that we bought at the swap meet five  years ago was really falling apart. (We are high quality people, you know.)  So, for his birthday, we got him one of these beauties: 
The new wallet is much better than the three dollar one, let me tell you. There are about five times as many pockets and it is leather!  Nice leather!  

And for me? 
Brand new Laura Ashley towels.  Finally.  

And if that hasn't sold you on the quality and variety of CSN Stores, I am just not sure what will.  


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