May 6, 2011

Random Friday

This week has been crazy, but I'm not complaining.  I got to eat at Malawi's on Saturday, go out will most of my girl cousins on Wednesday, I get to go to dinner with my dearest friend tonight and then tomorrow I'm making my husband take me out for Mother's Day.  I don't think I have ever gotten to eat out so many times in one week, ever. And like I said, I'm not complaining.  I love eating out!


My boys spent hours in the backyard yesterday playing with the hose. Not the sprinklers.  They turn on the hose and then "water the yard," see what happens when they stick the hose in different places and get each other wet.  And it might have been 70 degrees out there--less in the shade.  By the time I made Eric come in the house, he was shivering like crazy.  But already this morning, that is what he wants to go and do. So, it apparently didn't bother him too much.


I'm making pie for myself for Mother's day. I am fairly excited about eating said pie.  More than a normal person should be.

Oh, well.


This is just to say:

I read most of your blogs.  Really, I do.  But my commenting has gone down DRASTICALLY and I apologize for not sharing my opinions and support. Maybe someday my schedule will clear just enough to start commenting at a greater rate once again.  But until then--I'm there.  I'm just a stalker!

Have a lovely weekend and try to make it through Mother's day alive!


Barbaloot said...

Sounds like a fun/busy week! So glad it's finally warm enough to play with the hose outside!!

just call me jo said...

Wish your boys could be in my back yard--it'll be 100 here today. But we have no grass just gravel so it might not be so fun to romp around in the rocks. Yeah for eating out so often. Just like a princess.

Kristina P. said...

Commenting has gone down in general.

I really need to check out Malawis.

Wonder Woman said...

I'm a stalker, too. Excited to try Malawi's at some point!

Diamond in the Rough said...

I'm a stalker too. I don't always leave "comment love" life sometimes happens and what do ya do? I finally have a minute to leave comments. I love your blog :) you always make me smile! Happy Mother's Day weekend to you!

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