May 19, 2011

Things that annoy me about the incessant rain

1.  My kids go stir crazy.
2. I can't finish planting the garden.
3. It ruined my plans for the zoo yesterday.
4. I have to take my kids EVERYWHERE.  Because heaven forbid they have to walk home from school in the rain.  (Worst mother ever. I know.)
5.  Hello. IT'S MAY.  Can we get some sun?

Only good thing: I don't have to water my yard.


Melinda said...

I live in Washington, so I have no sympathy for you since it rains here 350 days of the year! haha Maybe I should have all the sympathy for you since I know how it feels...:) I love it when its sunny here, but its only so beautiful because of all the rain, so I guess I can't complain too much.

Jenny P. said...

We've had clouds like crazy for the past three days, but NO rain. I'm annoyed by that, because I HAVE had to water my garden.:)

Liesl said...

This rain is seriously affecting my mood.

Heidi said...

IT sounds like it was raining on Melanie when it was raining on us. Three days of constant gray skies after spring had made a definite arrival (around here that means the rain is done--rain is for winter in California). Very distressing indeed, but, I agree--I didn't have to water the flowers for those three days and that was the one and only upside.

Sara said...

Seriously. I hear you. down here in the DESERT. We've had rain like crazy. I didn't move to the desert for non-stop rain. Where is my sunshine!!?! WHERE?!

Jillybean said...

One of my kids asked if we were going to lose our classification as a desert area.
It wouldn't be as bad if there were a few days of sunshine here and there.
And waking up at 4:30 this morning because of the noisy hail pelting the windows wasn't fun either.

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