June 12, 2011

Again in Church

For some reason, we have a habit of embarrassing things happening at church.  This wasn't quite as obvious as my son doing the back flip off my lap, but, well, still embarrassing.

I, apparently, make an incredibly effective race car ramp.  Particularly at church.  Despite the fact that we are sitting on a wooden bench with arm rests just wide enough for toy cars, I am still the race track of choice.  Today, the race went over my shoulder and into the garage.  (Translation: Into my sleeve.)

For a long while, this was not a problem.  My two year old was sitting quietly next to me, driving cars into my sleeve and then pulling them back out again.  And you know that I am going to take advantage of that peace and immediately start ignoring him.

My attention was brought back to him when he started whining at me to give it back.  I had no idea what he was talking about and was kind of annoyed.  We had been doing so well.  But he just wouldn't stop.  And he started pointing to my sleeve and started reaching his hand up it.  It then dawned on me that I felt something a little funny on my back.  I reached around to try and pull the car out of my sleeve, but realized that it had fallen halfway down my back.

In a skirt, this would not have been a problem. Just lean forward and let it fall out, right?  Well, I chose today to wear one of 2 dresses, this one with a fitted tie waist.  Meaning, I couldn't get the car out without taking the dress off.

It was at this point I faced a decision:  cry from the humiliation or laugh.  I went with cry during the water tray fiasco, so I decided to try something new and burst into uncontrollable giggles.  I could barely explain to my husband the problem in a suitably quiet voice--I was laughing too hard.  Luckily, my husband has the ability to think on his feet.  He made me lean forward and then drove the car out my collar.   It took me a few minutes to get the giggles out and another few to get Eric to stop driving the cars in there.

I can't wait to see what happens next week. . .

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just call me jo said...

This one seems pretty mild, missy. I'm still waiting to leave the restroom at church with my skirt tucked in my underwear or something. Glad you could laugh. My mom used to get so mad at me when I got the giggles in church. Hard for me to manage even a smile there lately. I say you handled it very reverently... :o)

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