June 7, 2011

A Great Summer

(I'm optimistic.)

So, last year I decided at the beginning of the summer that we couldn't just do the whole sit around all summer.  So I got on the computer and I found everything that there was to do in the Salt Lake Valley for free.  And we had a great summer.  We were going and doing all the time. 

This year, I knew we would do the same thing--only budget was more of an issue.  Yes, everything that I did last summer was free but I had to drive A LOT for most of them.  This year, I created a list that has just as many fun things to do at home, as it does out and about.  I thought that I would share my list with you, in case you find yourselves struggling to get through the dog days.  

Have a water ballon fight
Have a picnic
Watch the sunset
Make playdough
Read Alice in Wonderland out loud
Paint toenails

Sidewalk chalk
Write a poem
Make a puzzle
Find 10 different kinds of flowers
Make a treasure hunt

Put on a play
Make a bird feeder
Tie dye a tshirt
Make homemade ice cream
Roast marshmellows

Create Butterfly Cafe  
Build a fort

Make Cookies
Go on a photography walk
Have a tea party
Make popsicles
Dollar Movie
Homemade slushies
Make Silly Putty
Make yogurt Popsicles



just call me jo said...

Good list. You're so economical and creative. I'm so glad I don't have to entertain small people any more. I'm feet up,diet soda in hand, reading a good book. That's all the activity I need. (I'm old, you know.)

Liesl said...

Oh I love you! I love you! I'm very frightened of this summer. I need to keep my kids from watching TV all day but I have so much to do; moving my own family and also my mother-in-law, organizing a garage sale (which you should come to it's going to be HUGE)I don't want my kids to be totally bored though. Thank you! Post more ideas!!

wendy said...

what a great list. I think your kids are lucky that you are taking the time to think of FUN things to do together this summer.
It's not always easy is it.
way to go...and I hope you have a GREAT summer

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