June 6, 2011


So, last week was crazy. I'm not complaining--just saying.  Since I know you don't want a travel log, I'll just share the high and low lights.

High: Returning from a 3 day anniversary trip--sans children.
High: Taking said children swimming at the hotel pool on the last day of that trip.
Low: Discovering my parents stuck with a flat tire (or as my sons like to say, "Stuck in the pop.") And sending my sister and her husband to rescue them.
Low: Coming home to a semi flooded bedroom.
High: Eating popsicles outside with my kids.
Low: Having carpet padding, drywall and insulation ripped out of my bedroom.
High:  The leak was discovered and fixable.
Low: Sleeping on the couch while the carpet dried.
High: Double date rock climbing with friends.
Low: A room full of disrespectful parents during the last day of school awards assembly. (I may expound on this later.)
High: A night at Capitol Theatre to see Les Mis.  Oh, yes I did.
High; An (almost) free day at Lagoon with the kids.  I like it every 12  years or so.
High: A good friend's baptism.
Low: A disaster of a house.
High: Dinner out with my sister and cousin.
Low: Goodbye dinner with sister and soon to be moving to California cousin.
High: Caramel popcorn.  What else do I need to say?

And that, my friends, was why I was unusually absent from blog land.  This week is the first real week of summer. I have big plans.  I'll share some tomorrow!


Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

Well . . . at least you found some highs to balance out those lows! Although leaks and flooding sound miserable :(

just call me jo said...

Dang flooding bedroom! Yeah Les Miserables! Dang flat tired parents! Yeah being home! You get the drift...Glad you're back!

Barbaloot said...

I went to Les Mis as well! Wasn't it awesome:)

Erin said...

How did you get an almost free day at Lagoon?

I'm so sorry for all of the lows. I guess highs and lows are what life is all about, right?

Liesl said...

I can't believe I missed Les Mis. I've seen it before but Scott hasn't. Scott and I have talked about going to see that show whenever it was in town and I totally missed it! On our anniversary too! Could've been perfect.

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