June 25, 2011

I love summer movies

This post brought to you by Monte Carlo. All opinions are 100% mine.
Although, I think I would appreciate them more if I lived in Arizona.  BUT-  The movie theatre is a great, overly air conditioned place to hang out on those miserable, scorching days of summer.  So, while you're there you might as well see something good, right?
And really, who wants to stand in line all day for Harry Potter?  Instead, check out Monte Carlo.  It's a new movie coming out this summer starring Selena Gomez and Leighton Meester.  I even think I saw Andie McDowell in there somewhere.  (Where has she been by the way?)
Grace has just graduated from high school and is planning the best trip to Europe (on a budget).   But she finds, as she arrives things aren't quite as they seem and she meets someone who changes everything.  But not in the way you might think!  You can watch the trailer to see what I mean!

Do you love it?   If you just can't wait, tickets go on sale at Fandango on June 29, and then it hits theaters Friday.  Make sure to check out the Facebook page for the movie and get a few sneak peeks at pictures from the movie.  How great would this one be for a mommy daughter date?  Let me know if you go and what you think!  We'll be heading that direction in a couple of days.  Gotta fill that chick flick craving, and this might be just the way to do it!
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Barbaloot said...

I am excited for this movie and not ashamed to admit it:) I'm totally planning on seeing it sometime soon.

Liesl said...

That's one I will totally see and love, but I'll have to watch it in secret so my husband doesn't make fun of me.

Emmy said...

Totally looks cute!

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