June 14, 2011

It's Summer, right?

And yet somehow, I don't think I am tiring out my children sufficiently. This is the second night in a row that my 6 year old has been up until 10.  And not playing either.  Just lying in bed, being awake.

Last night she came down around 9:45.  I heard her come down and without even looking I yelled, "What!  Go back to bed!"

In reply I heard a timid little voice asking if she could get ANOTHER drink.  I had a scathing rebuke ready, but the words died in my throat as I looked at her.  Blood was gushing out of her mouth and down her chin. Her hands were covered in it as she held something up.

While bored, lying in her bed, she decided to yank her loose tooth out.

But sadly, despite her efforts, she stayed awake too late for the tooth fairy to visit.  maybe tonight.



Wonder Woman said...

I hear ya!! I can't get my kids in bed before nine, let alone asleep. It's been pretty consistent that they are sleeping between 9:30 and 10. And I am also one to hear the footsteps and yell for the child to go back to bed, only to find mosquito bites that itch to high heaven, or that they found the bandaids I was looking for.

just call me jo said...

Don't you hate it when kids shame us! You're not a bad Mom. Life just kicks our behinds sometimes. Maybe you can get one of those exercise machines like they work out horses with--you know a wheel that they walk around and around endlessly. It's a thought...OK, not a good one but it's a thought.

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