June 22, 2011

Not working

So remember my great list of stuff to do this summer?  And how I was determined not to have bored, lazy kids?

It's not working.

So the deal was that they get their chores done by a certain time every day, and if they do then we get to do our fun thing for the day.  If they don't we don't.

It was great for the first week and a half.  But we haven't picked a fun thing off our list since last Friday.  They can't seem to get their stuff done anymore.  They know exactly what their motivation is.  But no matter how much Tayleigh wants to make that butterfly cafe, she just can't seem to pull it together long enough to get stuff done.

So, please. Any of you out there who have any brilliant ideas, please send them my way.  These kids are driving me nuts!


Rochelle Brunson said...

I have a very similar plan to yours. It worked like a charm all last week and the week before, but this week we've fallen off the track. Maybe they need a break or something. I'm just hoping it'll work again next week, after they've had some time off.

If you figure something out, keep me posted!

Liesl said...

I don't know. I'm up in arms with moving boxes, kids ready to kill each other, and insane in-laws. I'm in survival mode. Good luck!

Jo said...

Go to your moms...

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