June 24, 2011

Random Friday

Long story short, our boys are now sharing a queen sized bed.  (which also means that if you come visit me you would have a place to sleep.)  The first couple of nights it went great.  But the last few have not been so successful.  They stay in their room, for the most part but they play for hours.  Both have just fallen asleep in random places in the past couple of days because they are so tired from staying up late and playing.  I don't love this.  (Well, I don't mind the falling asleep bit, but I really mind the super extra grumpy/clingy bit).  Maybe it wasn't a great idea after all, but I just don't see that it would be any different if they were in two different beds.  Please lend me your wisdom. What do I do?


We are on kid 2 of the stomach flu this week.  It's JUNE people.  The stomach flu season is over. I am thoroughly annoyed.


We had to rearrange our living room. Our couch was blocking the intake vent which was making our AC not work very well.  (which is bad.) But our living room is so small and our couch is so big there are exactly two ways to position our couch.  An I liked the other way so much better.  And I was just starting to like the way things were around here.


So, there's always bbq and fireworks on the 4th, but I am looking for something fun to do earlier in the day. Do you have any fun traditions that you do with your family?


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Rochelle Brunson said...

My boys share a room too, but they have separate beds. It does not stop them from playing for hours. The only thought I have on that is maybe put them to bed sooner and then maybe they'd fall asleep sooner, but I don't know.

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