June 10, 2011


This is the Place Monument in Salt Lake was free today.  Also, ice cream.  How could we pass that up?  So, pretty much the entire valley had the same idea.  And North Carolina .  (Hi! Jaci and Adam!)  Which meant that the lines for ice cream were very long.  While waiting in line, we noticed a nearby bathroom.  Which is something that you don't pass up when escorting seven children under the age of 8.

So, I took every potty trained one to the bathroom with me, while the untrained stayed in line with my friend.    It was quite the adventure, in and of itself.  First of all, there were three stalls, no paper towels and only one working soap dispenser.  The three girls went first.   And a line began to form behind us.

My oldest, Eden, did just fine but Tayleigh forgot to lock her door and our little friend couldn't get the toilet paper out. It was a new roll and she couldn't get it started.  And the line got longer.

The boys went in.  I thought that we were just about done.  Then, my son got stuck.  He couldn't get the door unlocked.  And I couldn't get it open from the outside. So he crawled out and my daughter got in.  And the line got longer.

She couldn't get it open either.  So, Eden crawled under.  Finally, she got it open.  And the line was out the door.

Did I mention there was no one in there when we went in?

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Melissa Bastow said...

I think that there's a universal public restroom law that mentions the forming of lines just as you enter a bathroom with kids. Also there is another law that makes it so you always end up at the back of the line if one of them has to poop.

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