June 9, 2011

Summer, Day 1

The five of us walk into Macey's. Well, I should say, I walked.  The other four danced, skipped, ran, tripped and whined into Macey's.   I was the one holding on to my temper by a thread. It wasn't improved by the fact that all the race car carts were all taken.  Or the fact that my six year old was begging to ride in the cart.  Despite the fact that she is SIX.

Why is it always in Macey's that I realize just exactly how long summer actually is?  I did the math in my head as I wrestled my two boys into the straps of the cart.  Three months = 12 weeks.  If I go every other week, I have to take my children to the store 6 times. Maybe I can work a trade with someone.  I'll take their kids while they go shopping, and then they can take mine.

I glance at my watch as I wrestle the cart through the produce section.  3:20.  Right smack in the middle of Sonic happy hour.  And a cherry diet coke is sounding oh, so wonderful right about now.

The thread gets thinner and thinner as we go up and down the aisles and I am threating to lock my boys in the car if they don't stop poking each other and yelling.  My girls think they are helping by sticking their faces right in front of the boys (right in hitting distance, I must add) and talking in baby voices.  All it really does, is snap the thread and force me to the check out.

As we walk out the store, I look at my watch again.  3:45.  If I hurry, I can make it in time.  And so, load the car.  I may be making lots of trips to Sonic this summer.



Melanie said...

Sonic is a great way to relax.

Barbaloot said...

Well, it was awfully thoughtful of Sonic to share a parking lot with Macey's so you don't have to travel far for that one:)

Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

Ahhh grocery shopping . . . the dreaded chore. Now that we're trying to be better about couponing, I make sure that my girls have "jobs" to keep them busy. Sierra keeps track of my shopping list, and crosses items off as we add them to the cart, and Makenna is in charge of holding on to the coupons we'll be using that day. Kam . . . well, we just try to interact with her constantly so that she feels like she's being included. Otherwise it's not pretty ;)

Wonder Woman said...

Um, this post echoes my thoughts EXACTLY. I went to Target and Walmart on Monday and almost poked myself in the eyeball with a pencil because surely THAT would be better than taking all the kids to the store. And we went to Sonic afterward, too.

just call me jo said...

I've been with grandchildren 1 day and a little bit, and I'm ready to throw in the towel. Kindergarten grad today, so all are officially out. So glad I'm leaving tomorrow. I'm too old for this kind of pressure. Good luck, sweetie. You might need to add extra cherry syrup to those drinks. (like some sloe gin--just kidding...)

wendy said...

Now you have me craving a Cherry Diet Coke.
My daughter shops at Smiths (on 90th south)and they offer a Free babysitting service while you shop. It's called the Red Door. You just check the kidlets in, and off you go .
Now, perhaps Maceys is cheaper, I don't know....but it sure works for her.
hang in there.

Mother Goose said...

I do wish we lived close together again!

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