June 14, 2011

tuesday confessional

I suck at being on a budget.

Now, it's not that I blow cash on everything that I see, it's just that I can't quite stay in the lines.

I have tried every possible budget on the planet and nothing has worked.

Please tell me that I'm not alone.  Anyone?  Anyone?


just call me jo said...

Budgets are of the devil. It's like a diet. As soon as I diet, I'm constantly hungry. As soon as I budget, all hell breaks loose and I can't avoid extra expenses. It's a law, you know.

Mother Goose said...

I can't do it eaither. It's like being told what to do, and then the little rebel comes out in me.

Wonder Woman said...

I can't do it either. I maintain that the cash I have simply isn't sufficient. Not for Sonic and dr. co-pays and library fines and beef prices and food every one will eat.

Also, like Mother Goose, I like to rebel.

wendy said...

I have never been one to make a budget
however, I wonder if it is like going on a diet....the mere word almost sets me up for failure.

Just continue to be frugal like I know you probably are.

Liesl said...

You are not alone.

But one month we decided to go on a spending fast, which meant we bought absolutely NOTHING unless it was ABSOLUTELY necessary. I cooked a lot of rice and beans and spaghetti and oatmeal. No movies, no eating out, no clothes, no toys, no nothing except paying the bills and buying bare minimum food items. It was TORTURE, but wow, it helps you see what's really necessary and what isn't. Plus we saved quite a bit of cash.

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