June 28, 2011

tuesday confessional

I might be just the leetlest bit obsessed with Extreme Couponing.

I realized that these people spend HOURS putting together their shopping trips.  But I just recently realized how much time I spend watching TV (which I'm not going to admit, because it is kind of embarrassing), but if I spent just half that amount of time trying to figure out coupons, I could probably save lots of money.



Do you coupon? Does it work for you?


Jillybean said...

If I ever find a coupon that I want to use, I always forget to bring it when I go shopping, and then when I do finally remember it, it's usually expired.

Jo said...

I think it works better if you don't live in Utah.

Liesl said...

I tried couponing and I figured that I was just getting small discounts on brand name items where I could really get a lot of things for the same price or cheaper if I just bought generic. Also I was spending money on stuff that I really didn't need.

So my philosophy is, just buy what you need when you need at the best price you can find at the time and I think it all equals out.

BUT I have heard of those who are way into couponing and really do save a ton of money. But they put a lot of time into it. So, you know, you get out of it what you put into it.

parenting articles said...

i'm too lazy to do coupons.xD

parenting articles

www.lmlong.com said...

I've tried it- the problem is you need a LOT of the same type of coupon to really get the volume savings and stock up. This is where the dumpster diving and multiple paper's come in. I'm tot small scale to save the kind of money they are. Plus I think my time is worth more than they're saving. Honestly. lol.

Emmy said...

Yes I used to a ton- it took a lot of time- and yes I saved a lot of money and it is worth it- just cut coupons while you watch TV :)

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