June 27, 2011

Yet another Summer Movie: Cars 2

Saturday was quite an exciting day for my children. My girls were excited because, thanks to Any Hour Services, we got to see Cars 2.  My boys were excited because we got to see a "big movie."  In other words, it was the first time that they have ever seen a movie in the theatre.  So it was a pretty big deal.

I'm gonna be honest, I was not all that impressed with the Cars 2 trailer.  I mean, spies? Really?  Can you get any further away from the premise of the first movie?  But, I am happy to say I was pleasantly surprised. It was a fun movie. The spy thing kind of worked it's way in as naturally as a spy thing can and all the characters from the first movie were there (minus one), plus a few new fun ones.  (Have I ever mentioned that I love Michael Caine?  Something about his voice, I think, but a movie with him in it is bound to be good.)

My girls loved it and so did my husband.  They all thought the second was better than the first. I respectfully disagree, but I'm a traditionalist like that.  The first one is always better. (Except Toy Story.  That is the ONLY exception to that rule.)  My two year old fell asleep half way through, which I didn't think was possible, but I guess if it's dark enough and you're tired enough, it happens.

My four year old really enjoyed it, but he also had a few uneasy moments.  That was my only complaint.  I am pretty strict about what my kids watch, so he hasn't seen a lot of movies with intense, scary moments.  And Cars 2 had plenty of those. I think it was amplified by the fact that we were watching it in the the theatre rather than in our living room, but overall he enjoyed it.

Thanks to Any Hour Services for the great time! And if you get a chance, be sure to go see it. You won't regret it.



wendy said...

I loved Cars 1.
I'll have to wait and see this when I can enjoy it with some grandkids.

Emmy said...

We are going to see it with all of the cousins in Utah in a couple of weeks.

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