July 11, 2011

Birthday Party Dilemma

So, my daughter turns 7 in a couple of weeks and this is her year for a birthday party. She wants a pajama party, she wants to eat muffins for breakfast at her party and she wants to have a pillow fight.  And that is a about as far as we have gotten.

Anyone have any spectacular pajama party ideas? Games?  Anything.


Barbaloot said...

You should play "who can fall asleep the fastest." That'll be fun for you:)

Mandy said...

you should have a shadow puppet show!

Ginger said...

One year when my daughter had a pajama party I bought a bunch of stuff at the dollar store and we played "Let's Make a Deal". I had 3 gift bags and would put one nice gift in one and two dud gifts in the others or two nice and one dud. I used old stuff from around the house for the dud gifts. We played it just like the TV game show. I even had a big grand prize for the final round. They had a ball and every girl got something to take home with them. They wanted to keep playing all night. :) If you aren't familiar with the game I'm sure you could do a Google search and find some old clips of it somewhere. Good luck!

heather said...

If it's a breakfast pajama party, you could try a "guess that cereal" kind of game.

I remember playing a game at a birthday party where there was a small mountain of flour and we had to fish a piece of candy with out mouths out of it.

And with that I'm out.

But do me a favor & remember all the cool things that worked so when I have to throw birthday parties I can just ask you.

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