July 8, 2011

Crisis Averted

The other day I was really grateful for two things:
1. That I have been a mom for a long time.  I can translate moans and groans and exaggerated screams.
2. That I have a cool head in a crisis.*

I was in the bathroom when the screaming started.  Let us just say I was unavailable.  Tayleigh stared pounding on the door, screaming bloody murder.  Literally.  I asked what had happened and rather than answer she screamed: "You have to see it!"

The screaming continued but got increasingly quieter as she ran up the stairs.  More pounding on the bathroom door, this time, Eden.  "Mom, hurry please. Tayleigh hit her mouth and there is blood dripping down her chin."

By this time I am pretty resigned to stitches.  I run up the stairs and her face is indeed covered in blood.  She is also screaming, not from pain but from panic.  After calm down and clean up I find the cause: two tiny little cuts on her bottom lip.  As soon as she realized that the world would not end, she was just fine.

*True, this was not a real crisis.  But when your daughter says "and there is blood running down her chin"  one might react as if it was.


Rochelle Brunson said...

Whenever its an injury to the face and mouth it bleeds like crazy!! That's something I've learned since becoming a parent that I didn't know before!

The Woolley's said...

and that kids freak out at the smallest amount of blood!

wendy said...

Why do these things always happen when we are in the bathroom...right??
glad it was not serious.

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