July 22, 2011

Random Friday

Birthday party tonight. For my 7 year old. The longest one I have ever thrown. We are eating dinner and watching a movie so I'm hoping that sucks up most of the time.

I suck at birthday parties, just FYI.


Husband gets back from scout camp today.  We're doing okay for the most part, except that my daughter spend 8 hours yesterday cleaning one room.  Yep.  She really did.  It was a nightmare.  Oh, and my son threw a fit in which he screamed so hard that he threw up all over my bed.  I had been meaning to wash my duvet cover. . . .


Anybody want to buy a used tv armoire?  Cause I really want to get rid of it.  And get something new.  But, I have to sell the old one first. It's really cute!

I got the silver one. I can't wait for it to get here!

Have a great weekend!
And speaking of cute, for my birthday, my husband gave me the go ahead and some store credit to buy a new purse. Because my old one hates me and wants to rip my hands to shreds. Want to see the new one?


Liz @ Sugarplum Creations said...

Super cute purse! I love it :) Have a fun birthday party weekend!!

wendy said...

The purse is adorable!!
Birthday parties can be difficult as when they kids are young, it is really hard on the mom's I think.
But, I am sure he is loving it.
Always good to have a "reason" to clean to duvet (or whatever else I say)
happy friday to ya

Kaylynn said...

Sometimes the best parties are the ones least planned. For my daughter's birthday, we set up two blow up pool and had a slip and slide. The kids had a blast--so I'm sure the party was great! I love the purse--my son throws fits when his dad is gone as well.

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