August 24, 2011

Lunch Bunch!

Today is the very first Lunch Bunch over at Blossoming Bloggers. Every week, we are hosting a link party with some blog topic or other and a delicious recipe.  Heather is sharing a yummy one today and next week it will be my turn.

Today's topic is: What did you start blogging and what motivates you to keep doing it?

Well, I originally started with a family blog. We were moving away from our beloved neighborhood in Provo and I discovered blogging and though it would be an easy way to keep in touch with friends. Which I am horrible at. It turns out it was, but it was also more than that.  It was a way to get support from friends despite my lack thereof.  It turns out it is also a fabulous way to make new friends. I had no idea there was a whole new world of women putting their lives down and all I had to do was point and click to find them.

It was a whole support system, friends, everything that I had never dreamed I could have.  I got through some dark moments with kind words from women I had never before seen with my own eyes.  And honestly, that's what motivates me to keep it up.  I haven't been the greatest blog friend as of late.  (Sorry, guys!)  My comments have been few and far between, but when someone needs that lift, I do take the time to try and leave some words that I hope will go far.  And, honestly, hope that when the day comes that I need some, that you will return the favor, as you have so generously done in the past.  I love blogging. I love writing. And I love you guys. Even those stalkers out there. Thanks for reading. I hope someday soon you will stop and say hello.

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Barbaloot said...

Hooray for the new blog launch!

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