August 1, 2011

Two little girls

See these girls?  On the left is Eden.  Age eight. Next to her is Emma, just shy of eight. And Tayleigh on the right, one day shy of seven.  It's just the height difference that cracks me up. 

We used to live next door to Emma's family. Her mom and I were pregnant together with our first babies, living in a college town without any other family around.  Eden and Emma were both born there, and spent the first year of their lives pretty much together.  We baby sat for each other on a regular basis, and when we weren't babysitting we were going on walks, taking trips to IF to stock up at Sam's Club, watching movies and playing scum.  Those girls spent lots and lots of time sitting on a blanket pulling toys out of each others hands. 

After we all graduated and moved away, the closest that we have ever lived to them is 20 minutes away.  Currently, we're at four hours.  But every time those girls get together it is like long lost sisters being reunited.  There are no awkward beginnings, no annoyance of each other's quirky habits.  It's almost like they remember that first inseparable year.   And time and distance can't do anything to change that.  

I'm so glad they are such good friends.  


just call me jo said...

Your children are tall. I think they do remember infant friends. Such lovely times.

Sara said...

Awww. I love those girls! What a cute post. I love how they are such good friends too even though they haven't seen each other in so long. Hopefully they will be good friends all their lives. It's so nice having cousins.

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