September 10, 2011

Everyone needs a little backup

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I have a terrible habit of saving everything.  I'm getting better, but honestly, I save every half way decent picture I take, every thing I ever write, be it horrible or no.   So when I want to get a new computer, or transfer files I have to sift through everything. And then comes the ineveitable day when the computer simply crashes before I have finished sifting.   It is then I terribly regret never getting any kind of computer backup.  

Carbonite Online Backup

I was recently introduced to Carbonite, an online backup program that automatically backs up your irreplacable files, things like documents, pictures, music and even email.  Every time that your computer is hooked up to the internet, and let's be honest here, isn't that most of the time?, Carbonite is working in the background to back up your files.  It will save your files to a secure data center. Addiotionally, you can when registered with Carbonite, you can access your computer through any other computer, smartphone or iPad with a free Carbonite App.  Carbonite is available for $59 a year, but if you're not sure about it, they offer a free 15 day trial, with no credit card required, and then if you do decided to buy, just use the coupon code BLOGAD to get two months free. 

So if you have a lot that you cannot lose, give Carbonite a shot!

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