October 25, 2011

Just paid the bill. . . .

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We just paid the cell phone bill. I sat in front of the computer staring at it.  Really?  Really?  There has got to be a mistake in these charges some where. It can't really be that much.   I searched, I deciphered, (you know how big of a pain trying to actually read a bill is) and I realized that the best I can do is lower my bill about five dollars a month.  Not even joking.  Well, unless I wanted to give up texting all together and well, that doesn't really make much of a dent either. Sigh.
It all makes Straight Talk that much more appealing.  Straight Talk is the alternative to most of the unreasonable plans out there.  Unlimited plans start at $45 a month.  Oh, my. Dave Ramsey would be so proud of me if I put that extra money to my debt.  They have as good of phones as any other provider as well.  You can experience The power of Android, even with Straight Talk.  Refurbished phones start at $10.00 so you can Feel Richer with Android too!
If you don't quite believe me, you might want to check out this video.

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