October 12, 2011

Lunch Bunch: Best Halloween Ever

I woke up that morning to the cooing of a 3 day old baby.  I pulled myself up to nurse him and then headed upstairs to get the kids breakfast. It was Eden's first school costume parade.  Maybe I was crazy, but I just couldn't miss that, even for a 3 day old baby.

We got the blue dress and the apron on, but we had issues with the black hair bow.  It took a little while, but this little girl looked EXACTLY like Alice in Wonderland. I had been trying to talk her into it for years and I had finally succeeded.  And it was perfect.

Grandma showed up just in time to head to the school. Eric was tucked safely in the Baby Bjorn, safely away from the germy hands of little people.  Eden walked up and down the aisles of parents in the gym beaming.,  She was walking pretty fast though, and most of the pictures are blurry.  

That night, we hit Grandma's Trunk or Treat, the best one yet.  It was huge and we came home with more candy than we could ever eat.  We came home, I laid on the couch and nursed the baby and felt exhausted but wonderful.

That little boy's birthday is in 3 weeks. He will be three years old.  And that Halloween feels like only yesterday.  I hope this one will be just as fun.

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