October 21, 2011

Mostly an update

Thank you guys so much for your sweet and supportive comments. Here and on facebook I don't think that I can express how much they have meant to me over the past few days.

My dad went through a five bypass surgery on Tuesday. It lasted almost eight hours. I spent four of those hours with my mom in the hospital waiting room.  And really, IMC, you're doing a great job, but could you get some better chairs?  Everything went well with the surgery. We expected him to be in the ICU for three days, but he was only there for 24 hours, so we all took that as a good sign.

He is still in the hospital, and is doing pretty well. It's going to be a long road to full recovery. Moving at all hurts.  But they made him walk up and down the hall today, and he sat in a chair for an hour, which is the longest by far.

My kids are pretty familiar now with hospital rules.  Well, my hospital rules.
1. No running
2. No screaming
3. No jumping
4. No dancing
5. No touching Grandpa, except a kiss on his cheek
6.  Don't go in Grandpa's room without hand sanitizer

There is much drilling of these rules into their little brains in the car on the way there.  And we last a good 45 minutes, which is about as long of a visit as my dad can handle right now, so it works out.

Anyway, I hope to be around here more next week. This week has been full of worrying, hospital visits, and finding brainless things to do that takes my mind off of everything.  And I have discovered that blogging is anything but mindless, so that doesn't fall into that category.  So, have a great weekend and for heaven sake, go outside and enjoy the weather!



Kristina P. said...

I'm so glad to hear the surgery went well.

wendy said...

wow....that was quite a major surgery I believe. I know it must have been hard on you, your mom....and extended family.
Hospitals are just NOT FUN places to be....at all.
(my mom was in the hospital for a week with surgery almost a month ago)
so I think they are dreary places

Hope he continues to recover so he too can go home....and go outside and enjoy the weather

Emmy said...

Glad the surgery went well. I hope he can recover quickly. Will continue to keep him in my prayers

Melissa Bastow said...

So I'm just a whiny jerk that's been complaining about my stupid out patient surgery while your dad undergoes major heart surgery. I need to be less ME-focused, I think.

I'm super glad your dad's surgery went well. And that your kids are good in hospitals. And hopefully he'll keep recovering at an awesome pace.

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