November 1, 2011

A Letter

Dear President of the American Atheists Society,

I understand that you do not believe in God. And I do not begrudge you that right.  I believe in God, but I also believe that everyone in this country has the right to worship the way that they please, and to let others do the same.  That is not my concern today.

I would, however, like to address the Highway Patrol tribute crosses that so seem to offend you as you drive past them on the highway. The white crosses that stand in tribute of the fallen, those who were killed in the line of duty.  And I wondered if it had ever occurred to you, that those crosses were not for your benefit at all?  Did it cross your mind that those crosses were meant to be more than some offensive religious symbol that you are forced to see as you travel?

Maybe, just maybe, it could be that those tributes have nothing to do with you whatsoever. Maybe, just maybe, those crosses are for those who loved the men and women who have fallen.  Could it be that their beliefs differ from yours?  Could it be that those men and women DO believe in a God, and that those offensive white crosses serve as a reminder to those families of their belief that there is a being greater than they, that there is a God who is caring for their lost loved ones?  And would you really deprive those families, who have made the greatest sacrifice, their solace?  Would you be so selfish as to take away that simple reminder?

Maybe the next time you drive past a cross on the interstate,  maybe you could consider the fact that they are not for you.  And think a little bit harder about what you are trying to do.



Barbaloot said...


Rochelle Brunson said...

well said.

cdnkb said...

Were the crosses only honouring Christian fallen highway patrol officers? Or using it universally to remember those of all faiths? Is this a symbol that would be used for all future memorials of this type, regardless of the officer's faith?

This is not an issue of it offending atheists driving by it. It's an issue of honouring people a way that is appropriate for everyone and not just Christians, because highway patrol officers are not, by definition, Christians. Do you not see that honouring someone's service with a cross if they're Jewish or Atheist is ironically disrespectful? If they would like to specify each officer's faith with each individual tribute, by all means. But to presume one religious tribute for all members of a non-religiously-affiliated group is rather narrow minded, though I'm sure it wasn't intended as such.

I've recently started following your blog and enjoy it. But I respectively think you're missing the point with this post, because it's not a matter of the AA not wanting to look at them.

Tracie said...

Part of the issue is that they are on "Public Property" I am sure that the UHP will be able find someone with the Property willing to host these memorials. Heck they can put them in my backyard that borders a freeway. As far as the memorial them selves go as long as the family isn't objecting to the type of memorial and are seeing it for what it really is something to honor their fallen loved one not just a cross then I see no reason for ANYONE to object. Just read the name on it and thank them for their service and ultimate sacrifice in protection of this country and its citizens

traskrocks said...

thank you my sweet friend. thank you.

SpencernAmy said...

Have you ever noticed how many atheists are mad at that God they don't believe in...?

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