March 26, 2012

Things the world learned on YouTube last week

Don't post anything that makes your spouse look stupid on YouTube.  It's basic Marriage 101.

Before you post a video of yourself, please show it to someone who loves you enough to be honest with you.  And tell you that it's not going to be good for your reputation.

And finally, for heaven's sake people, STOP FILMING PEOPLE WHILE YOU DRIVE.  It seems like that would be common sense, but apparently it's not.



Emmy said...

Wow- poor girl, or girls. And yes, that first poor girl sounds like it was slammed with mean comments

Barbaloot said...

I feel really awkward right now. An concerned for these people.

Liesl Shurtliff said...

Oh wow, that was painful. I feel sorry for that girl, and yet angry too, because this is the stereotype women are working against. I may not be the brightest crayon in the box, especially when it comes to math and science, but MPH is a concept I can safely say I understand.

Melinda said...

This actually kind of makes me angry! Honestly those girls should not be allowed to drive if they don't even understand how fast they're going! For REAL?!

I'm also angry at those husband's that are complete jerks! I don't mind teasing, but you're not teasing when you're treating your spouse like an idiot!

I am also angry about the driving with a camera! SERIOUSLY?! What are these people thinking?!

So annoying, the whole thing! Hey, thanks for letting me vent! :)

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