April 3, 2012

Best of Conference via #twitterstake

I have decided that the only way to watch conference is with twitter open next to me. You might think that it is distracting, but it is actually the opposite.  I told my husband, it's like taking notes in a room where you can see everyone else's notes. So if you missed something, someone else got it. Here are the highlights: (mostly for my sake.  I won't be offended if you don't stick around.:)
  • "Trouble" could be your way to gaining unshakeable faith. 
  • It is never too late to strengthen the foundation of faith.
  • The way to rise and above and through trials is to believe that there is a Balm in Gilead.
  • Why forgive and forget? - "It was the hardest thing I ever did, but I just knew I had to do it." Eyring
  • Love is not a well-wishing or a bit of counsel, it is a commandment
  • Envy is a mistake that just keeps on giving. 
  • "Do not dwell on old grievances and issues."
  • Don't hyperventilate about what happened at 9AM, when the Lord is trying to reward you at 6PM.
  • learned long ago, there are things our youth can do that adults simply can't.
  • When we practice temporal and spiritual self reliance, we find ourselves on higher ground where we can lift others.
  • In the kingdom of God, there are no second class citizens.
  • There is a line of demarcation well define between the Lord's territory and the devils territory. Stay on the side of the Lord!
  • When we help lift others peoples burdens ours get lighter also.
  • Scientific Atheism is tone deaf to a prophetic faith."
  • Have the courage to refrain from judging others.
  • What we are speaks so loudly that our kids might not be able to hear what we say.
  • Persistence is the answer, a sense of humor helps.
  • A good sense of humor will assist revelation.
  • When the Spirit is crisp and clear, it is revelation; when it is subtle over time, it is inspiration
  • Anger and loud, inappropriate laughter drive away the Spirit and prevent the ability to receive inspiration.
  • An individual who is arrogant and who lets his emotions lead his decisions will not be inspired by the spirit.
  • We make exceptions for our own bitterness
  • Though we cannot look into anothers heart we assume we can see a bad motive when we see one
  • Don't judge me because I sin different from you.
  • The love of Christ and the darkness of hate cannot co-exist in the same space
  • The family is the most important social unit in time and in eternity.
  • Could an explosion in a printing shop produce a dictionary?
  • God is always the same but we are not. Each day we must access the power of the atonement so we can truly change
  • If you come upon a person who is drowning, would you ask if they needed help? Or would you jump right in? 
  • "Let me know if I can help" is really no help at all.
  • Relief Society is a way of life, not a program.  It's for all women, not just those in a room during the 3rd hour.
  • Love that...Brigham Young spoke earlier this morning, the Lord will speak now. 
  • Society is strengthened when families are strong. 
  • Trust in the power of God to guide you. 
  •  If families were stronger, we would have less need for costly government safety nets.
  • We are people with a history of vision and the faith to do.
  • The choice to place the sacred above the secular is one of priority not exclusivity.
  • What thinks Christ of me?
  • Discipleship is not a competition. It is a lifelong commitment. 

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