April 26, 2012

Evil. Pure Evil.

We have a mouse.  Again.  It's been over a year since the last one was carried out in a no-see trap.  Well, Monday, on the hottest day of the year thus far, my children left every door in the house open.  And that afternoon the sightings began.

The thing about this mouse, is that it's not very sneaky. At first, I thought it was stupid.  An amateur.  But, almost a week and 3 empty traps later, I'm rethinking my theory: I'm pretty sure this mouse is evil.  Pure, unadulterated evil.  It is doing everything in it's power to make me crazy.

For one thing, I am the only one who has seen it more than once.  I have had the privilege at least 5 times.  Just when I think things are all great, it darts across the room and gives me a heart attack.  But last night, last night took the cake.  It was late.  John and I were saying prayers.  I refuse to kneel on the floor in our bedroom (in the basement) due to spider issues.  So, I was on the bed and John was on the floor.  John was saying it. About halfway through, one of the curtains started moving.  The window was open, but the wind doesn't make a scratching noise.  I sat frozen on the bed while John finished his hour long prayer.
"It's in the curtain.  Right there."
He walked around the bed, moved the curtains around, nothing.  He came back around and knelt on the bed to say his prayers.  A few minutes in, the other curtain started moving.  Again, I had to wait for him to finish.
"It's right there. I swear, it's right there."
I started hitting the curtain with a pillow.  And then I saw it. In the windowsill.  The windowsill adjacent to the bed. Inches away from my pillows.
Well, naturally I screamed bloody murder.  "It's in the windowsill!!!!!!"
John got his golf club and a bucket and sent me to the bathroom.

No luck.

But I swear this stupid mouse is following me.  I swear it is.

Anyone want to lend me your cat?

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Rochelle Brunson said...

Im sorry you have a mouse, but that is an awesome story!

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