April 4, 2012

I'm totally going to be a millionaire

So I came across this plan for a child free cabin on an airplane, which turned out to be an airline's idea of an April Fool's joke.  But it sparked an idea that I think could be incredibly lucrative.

Mean-People Free Cabins!

Can you imagine a plane ride with your children without getting snide remarks or glares every time your children make a sound?  You would pay extra for that privilege, right?

How, you might ask, would you regulate such a flight?  If it was by age it would be simple, but by disposition, it would be a little more tricky.

The answer: a quick questionnaire as you buy your tickets:

1. Have you ever rolled your eyes at a screaming child?

2. Have you ever told a person that they didn't deserve to have children?

3. What is your first reaction when a child pops their head above the seat in front of you:
            A: You smile and wave and play peek a boo with them
            B: You pick up a magazine and hope they don't sneeze on you

4. Have you ever offered advice to parents such as: you should stop having children?

And you know that the mean people would be honest because that airplane is going to be full of kids.  And they don't want to be there.  What do think?  Million dollar idea, or what!

1 comment:

Mandy said...

hahahaha- I had a million dollar idea today too!- there must be something in the water....

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