April 15, 2012

Inspired by The Hunger Games

A long time ago I came across a quote that I fell instantly and utterly in love with: "Never judge a book by it's movie."
I love books. In my opinion, it is the higher art. Movies are great, and there are some classics, but for the most part a movie will never even approach the gloriousness of a great book in its pure form. I'm actually not a fan of the latest trend of making every popular book into a movie. I think it is really a disservice in so many ways.
Let us use Harry Potter as an example. I love Harry Potter. It's almost embarrassing. There are 2 people on this planet that I am willing to talk to about Harry Potter because I just can't stand anyone besmirching his name. Now that I have thoroughly embarrassed myself, let's talk about the movie. I saw the first three in the theatre. After that I just couldn't take it anymore. There were so many vital elements being completely ignored. It was just too painful and I was just too angry. I did eventually watch all of them, but the more I thought about it the more frustrated I would become. How many people were being introduced to Harry Potter through the movies and would never pick up the books because of it? I felt so sorry for them and everything that they were missing. And the kids who had already seen the movie, but were reading the books for the first time. There was no Aha! Moment when the villain was discovered.
And it's not just Harry Potter. Have you read Matilda or seen the movie? Have you read Pride and Prejudice or seen the movie? Have you read Percy Jackson or seen the movie? If the answer to any of those question is "Just the movie," then I pity you my friend. So please, please I beg you with all of the depth of my soul, never, NEVER judge a book by it's movie.


Tracie said...

I am happy to say that I have read all of those books before seeing the movies...with the exeption of hunger games. I hope the book was better than the movie because I wasn't very fond of it.

heather said...

I think the first rule Hubby and I decided on when we were approaching parenthood was: Our children are not allowed to watch Harry Potter until they have read the books.


Rochelle Brunson said...

Agreed! And I'm a huge Harry Potter fan also. The movies were embarrassing. I just don't understand why they changed so much. I don't think they made much sense at all.
I read The Hunger Games, but I don't see movies often so...no word on if its terrible, but I'm sure it is.

Melinda said...

I almost always hate the movie if I've read the book, in fact I don't know if there is one movie I like better than the book?? Maybe The Notebook. But I'm like you, I get so mad! haha There's The Da Vinci Code, and of course Twilight, and City of Ember, and How to Train Your Dragon, and I liked the Hunger Games just fine, but it was totally missing so much of the backstory I would think it was confusing to people who hadn't read the book. I also LOOOVE Harry Potter, absolutely adore those books! I didn't mind the movies, but was definitely upset about a lot of things missing in them, so I hear you!
I also agree that books are the higher art form, I LOVE reading!

Loralee and the gang... said...

..I read The Hunger Games and the others in the series when they first came out. Happy to say that this movie followed the book better than any I have ever seen. And what could have been some pretty gruesome violence was made teen-ager appropriate by clever camera techniques. Great movie!

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