May 10, 2012

Book Review: Million Dollar Diva

It all started after we had money.  When we were starving students, it wasn't nearly as hard.  We had everything we needed, but we knew we couldn't afford anything extra, and so we didn't.  And that was fine. We lived in that mode for years, and when the babies came along, it didn't change much, we just mostly lived off of hand me downs and thrift store finds and got by fabulously.

But once my husband got a job in the real world, something outside the realm of TA and tutor bringing in a part time paycheck, everything got really, really expensive.  And it seems like that happened all at the same time.  We thought, hey, we have a paycheck now, we can afford to fix that!  Or even get a new one!  Turns out, our eyes were bigger than our bank account, and it wasn't long before we realized it was a little bit more than we thought.  So, about 6 months ago, we really buckled down and got serious about our financial life.

So, when Tristi emailed me about reviewing her new book, Million Dollar Diva, all about getting your financial life in order, I jumped at the chance.  We could use some extra inspiration!  And it was great.  It wasn't a boring financial book about the ins and outs of investing, but it gave great, real life advice from 2 financial about turning your debt around and establishing a foundation for the rest of your life, something I think most of us need. I enjoyed the way the book is narrated, following Tristi through her financial journey and watching her make realizations and changes in her life for the better.  The Drive Down Debt theory is great, and seems like a super effective way to get rid of your debts. I'll be honest and say that I didn't agree with all of their advice, but for the most part, I really appreciated the added inspiration.

One of the best parts about it, is that there is an entire website to support your financial journey as well. offers downloads for smartphone apps and software downloads to help guide you as you get rid of your debt and build your wealth. You can also stay updated with Tristi's progress, from where the book left off.  And the best part is that if you go check out the website before June 15, you can get yourself a free copy of the book, only pay the shipping, $5.95.  Not a bad deal.  If you need a little financial inspiration, this might just be a great place to start.  Check it out!

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