September 11, 2012

Family Reunion

Shortly after he got his new job, we spent the week in Park City for a family reunion. Every few years all of my in-laws get together for a crazy few days full of people. My husband is the eighth child in a family of 9, and so yes, there are many people. At last count, I think there were 54 of us.

This was actually one of the best reunions, for our family at least. Minimal travel, no babies who need naps every few hours, no strollers, and we made an executive decision, my husband and I:  we weren't going to wait around for anyone else.  

And we didn't.  We did whatever we wanted to, when we wanted to, inviting people along for the ride, but never waiting for a plan to emerge out of thin air, like we had before. We went swimming, lots, hiking, we hit the outlets and main street, jet skied and checked out the Olympic Park.  

And one night, all the moms headed out for a (very) late dinner and some girl talk.  It was wonderful to chat, to reconnect and to relax for a little while.  It was just what I needed to recharge my batteries before the rest of the summer hit.  


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Melinda said...

That looks awesome! I really enjoyed our family reunion a couple years ago, but you're right, I like that you just made a plan and went with it--its so frustrating when no one can decide what to do! Your kids are adorable by the way! :)

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