September 13, 2012


One night, mourning their impending move, it occurred to me, why don't we just move too? I had been watching our home price on Zillow, and yes, it was lower than we bought it for, but high enough that we could sell the house and still make enough to buy another one, slightly bigger.

Thus, began the research.  I got on the internet. I researched interest rates. I researched realtors. I researched real estate trends. I talked to dozens, literally, dozens of real estate agents about our options and what the process would be like.  My husband was not thrilled.  Yes, if things worked out ideally, it wouldn't be perfect but definitely possible. But if we waited a couple of years it would be so much easier.  I just didn't want to wait.

The other reason he wasn't thrilled: my upcoming birthday party.  The big 30.  And it was stressing him out. So much so in fact, that I was given orders: I could keep researching, keep meeting realtors, keep reading anything and everything that I could get my hands on, but I had to STOP talking about it, at least until after the party.  And so I did.  Kind of.

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Kristen said...

I'm loving all these updates... it's like a cliffhanger each time!!!

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